CAPSA Minerals

CAPSA MINERALS is a new born in the industry of the Calcium Carbonate extraction and revalorization. It has been created in December 2017 to produce aggregate and Calcium carbonate powders. The head office is located in the Big business centre, Berges du Lac, Tunis and the manufacturing site in Feriana, Tunisia.

Riding the wave of the technological progress and the growth of different type of use of calcium carbonate, CAPSA MINERALS took the commitment to offer a customer base consisting of tile, coating and paint manufacturers a complete range of aggregates and Calcium carbonate powders according to their specification.

SOP December 2020.

The raw materials can be used in :

(Powder, Satin finish, Gloss, Matt, Greenhouse) paint, Primer for wood and metal, Paint for floors, Road-marking and Rustproof paint, Marine coating, Pliolite with solvent and Printing Ink

Coating, Hydraulic coating for building, Leveling and filling plaster coast for gypsum board and panels, Polyester mortar (modelling) 70% load, Fine mortar: polished marble effect & stone effect

Sealant and Glue / Adhesive

Concrete, Polyester concrete, Plaster Moulding, Road coating and Reconstituted Marble.

Plastics, PVC, Plastic style PVC

Animal feed, Licking blocks for cattle, Human food, Chewing gum, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical excipients

Paper, coated paperboard, Stationary (mass)

Glass-making, Fumes processing, Extinguisher recharge, Ceramic ware enamel, Detergent, Insecticide, Welding rod, Weighting and plugging agent for drilling mud, Pesticide, Scouring cream, Soap paste for hands (if basic and non-acid products in the formula)